Tenant Credit Report with FICO Score

Accesses applicant credit history, including identifying information, public records, outstanding debt, payment history, loans and mortgages, late payments and defaults, and credit inquiries.

Search of database maintained by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to ensure single license issuance nationwide. Enables employers to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements and helps eliminate a candidate who does not hold a valid Commercial Driver’s license. This search provides name, DOB, S.S. # match, AKA information, present jurisdictional state and license number and up to three previously held CDL numbers. 


Employment Verification

An employment verification specialist will contact the employer to verify information reported by the employee on a job application or résumé. The report will contain dates of employment, last position held and eligibility for rehire.


CDLIS - (Commercial Driver’s License Information System) 

Insta Eviction / National Search 
Insta Eviction/ Single State Search

Searches available

Employment Credit Report

Provides all information included in the Employment Credit and InstaEviction Reports, plus a FICO score a quick snapshot of risk. FICO scores are based on the best-known and most widely used credit score model in the country and are used widely by banks and other institutions to make informed lending decisions. 

InstaCriminal National 

Searches evictions, liens and judgments filed from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including statewide and county eviction records. Our database is updated daily. 

Nationwide Search (Sex Offender included) 
A powerful, virtually instant multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal records. This database is compiled from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), and state sex offender registries from across the country. Also included in each search are national and international terrorism sources such as Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This search includes the National Sex & Violent Offender Database, P.R.I.O.R.S. and the Foreign Nationals Database. Please see database coverage for specifics. A Social Security Address scan is provided at no additional cost.